A Slice of My Life


  1. Oh! Such beauty! Thank you for sharing.
    Are those females? A freind of mine said that she heard that Tigers are never male. We don't know if it's true or not!

    Be blessed! :)
    A friend, Carra

  2. Oooh, one of my favorite subjects: cat genetics!

    These are both males. Tabbies can be either male or female. However, red tabbies (orange) like these do have some additional conditions. Most red tabbies are males, because a female red tabby MUST have a red father.

    These both had a red father, but both are male. When there's a red father you have a normal 50/50 chance of male/female.

    "Patched tabbies" are always female - I have several of those. They are grey tabbies with red/orange patches or spots. In comparison, a calico is a black female with orange/red patches or spots (and usually has white also), but she's not a tabby, her black and orange patches are solid instead of tiger-striped.


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