A Slice of My Life

This was taken at the OKC Zoo this week.
While there, I noticed how much water they were using to keep the plantings lush and green; the sound of misters and sprinklers and the waterfalls and streams was music to my ears since it is so dry this year.

A friend had a wild beehive removed recently. The man removing the bees told him that there are few wildflowers this year because of the drought, so all his resources are being used to keep his bees alive. The wild hive had what he called "trash honey", made from pop cans and other refuse in garbage cans. Not good for human consumption, but it is perfect to feed to the bees.


  1. That was a really interesting post, Kathi. I didn't know that, and we keep bees. I didn't know there was trash honey... hmm...
    Very interesting. I mean I know there is always different qualities, and some that isn't fit to be sold. But, I didn't know that's where it came from.
    Thanks for sharing.
    May you be blessed, in special ways!

  2. How neat that you keep bees, Carra. I had no idea until recently that it is so complicated - or at least so it seems to me. I thought it was interesting that these bees have made honey from soda pop and other sugary trash.


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