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While I was down at the pond taking photos the other evening, I noticed tracks in the mud.

I saw the turtle tracks first. I think one set comes out of the pond and the other goes back into the water. We have dozens of turtles living in the pond. In the spring when the weather begins to warm up, there are piles of turtles on the bank basking in the sunshine.

Several sets of raccoon tracks.

Steer tracks, and a fainter dog print.

I did not find horse hoofprints; we have 3 troughs for them as well as the pond. No cat prints either, and I'm glad of that. Cats that go down the hill to the horse barn and the pond have a tendency to disappear, so I am thankful that they are staying near the house for now.


  1. That's nice. :) I like to see prints like that...

    It's almost like history... they were there, but are not now and there is the evidence still.
    I pray we can leave prints behind us that are honoring to our Jesus... refusing to venture into the enemy's land where we too can dissappear.
    Thanks for sharing!
    love Carra

  2. That was beautiful, Carra!


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.