Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We bought hay from one of our "hay guys". Only half as much as I wanted, but he will hopefully have more later and I'm first on his list.

-- Our peach trees look stressed. I've been watering them often but they evidently need more. The Golden Delicious apples are ready to harvest, the only fruit we've gotten this year.

-- I discovered our first orange tomato! It's small and misformed, but it's ripening. I picked it so it can ripen on the counter. If I left it on the vine, chances are it would be eaten by something before it was ready.

-- Several of you suggested putting ice in the chickens' wading pool to help cool down the water. (It's true, the water in the troughs and the water barrels is so hot by late afternoon that I could make tea with it.) I've found that ice cubes only last about ten minutes though and it doesn't really make a difference in the temperature of the water after all.

-- The weather is wearing on everyone and everything. We are entering the hottest four weeks of summer, after having broken so many records already. There was rain in parts of the state during the week, but it went around us until Tuesday night. It stormed all that night with spectacular lightning, and knocked out our power for over 12 hours.

On Thursday we had another good storm, over 3 hours long, with plenty of rain again. And again, our power went out for over an hour. The temperature was so nice, only in the 70's most of the day, and I wished I could go work outside but of course it was raining so that was out of the question. We have a possibility of even MORE rain this afternoon. Yippee, hooray, rain is a wonderful thing!

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  1. hooray! I'm so thankful you're getting rain!

    What a lovely post. Thanks for sharing! :)


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