Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Saturday morning I let the does out of the barn and expected them to accompany me to the pen where their hay was waiting, but they saw GREEN GRASS in the front yard and that's as far as they went! We'd had enough rain over the past couple of days that the grass was finally green and inviting. I had to grab them one at a time and drag them to the goat pen.

I've learned the secret though: if I keep shaking that can of feed and hustle them out of the barn and through the gate right away, they are easier to get into their own pen!

-- The escape horse began staying in the horse pasture after the first couple of storms. I always worry when it rains: what if he's in the hayfield with no shelter? Will the thunder and lightning spook him? Hubby had fixed a possible hole in the fence, but the horse was waiting for me at the gate the next morning, so I know that he can still get out if he wants to. Then it hit me: there was enough grass in the pasture that he was content to stay. After a few days though, he was bored with that and began his routine again of getting into the hayfield. Hubby fixed another spot in the fence, and for the past two days he's stayed put.

-- My tomato plants are being eaten by some kind of bug, but I haven't been able to find it and eradicate it. This might be the end of my plants.

-- The past week has been slightly cooler, with temperatures just under 100*. Our son stated that it's rather ridiculous how much cooler 100* feels after weeks of 110*.

-- What does one do with used baling wire? There must be some use for it, right?

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  1. Hey there. :)

    What a busy week you've had. I'm glad and thankful for the "cooler" temperatures!

    It's cooler here too... was 90F here today. In the 80's yesterday. I'm sorry you are so hot.

    The Lord is so Good. I am just thankful that His Eyes are upon me.
    Love Carra


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