After I get the horses into their stalls and feed them, I have some "downtime" while I wait for them to finish eating, or rather wait for the slowest eater to finish her meal.

I use this time to put on or take off fly masks, to doctor any wounds that need attention, or any number of various other tasks. But I often have some time with nothing pressing that needs to be done. One thing I enjoy doing is listening.

The obvious sounds might be a horse banging on a stall wall, or sneezing. The steer likes to rub his head on the hanging feed tubs when he finishes eating and that's a very noisy procedure.

I might hear a car out on the dirt road, or a small plane overhead. These are all pretty easy to hear. It's the less-conspicuous noises that I like discovering. I mentally block out the closer, louder sounds and try to identify the softer, farther-away noises. Insects whirring or chirping, birds calling, the air conditioning unit at the house, a rooster's crow, the cows down the road bellowing, all these are the sounds I'm listening to. I try to identify the kind of bird, the source of any unusual noises, the direction the noise is coming from.

We had a pileated woodpecker living in a dead tree for a couple of years and I was eventually able to identify his screech. She/he/they moved on when the dead tree fell in a windstorm.

I both like and dislike hearing coyotes singing down in the ravine. And I think my neighbor has recently acquired a donkey; that noise is hard to miss!

One evening a pair of Canada geese flew overhead and gave me a magical moment.

I enjoy the opportunity to stand and listen. “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” (Psalm 46:10)

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  1. Beautiful post. :) I love those quiet sounds. Right now I hear a cricket outside. the quiet sound of a car far away... the stillness of the night is so serene. Thanks for sharing.

    Sometimes the hardest sound for me to shut out is my own mind! I can't stop thinking, thinking, thinking. Can be very troublesome.

    That verse is so lovely, "Be still!" I love that.
    thank you.
    Be blessed. Carra


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