Things To Smile About

What makes you smile? Here are a few things that bring me joy in simple things...
A stripe of moonlight across my pillow.

Cool breezes wafting through open windows.

The call of the whippoorwill in the evening.

My favorite housecat snuggled up with one of the inside dogs, who tolerates her but doesn't return her affection.

A mourning dove's song.

My horse's velvety-soft muzzle.

Cool summer mornings, the only relief from the day's heat.

The smell of rain.



  1. Hey there! :)

    What a lovely post. The Lord is so Good. A few of the simple things that make me smile are;

    the soft dew on the grass as I hang the laundry in the mornings

    The gentle breezes whistling softly in the tree tops.

    The thump of an acorn on the barn roof.

    The warmth of the shining sunshine reminding me of the Lord's Glory, and His constant presence.

    The rich green of the Lord's Creation, which surpasses the beauty of any green us humans can make.

    The tip of our old blind lab's tail wagging for an instant, when he thinks you might be talking about him! :)

    With love, Carra

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