What's Up

Grass - that's what's UP! All that rain last week turned the grass green and it is growing again, praise the Lord!

Our escape horse has stayed put. Hubby fixed another possible "hole" but he was waiting at the gate the next morning, so I know he could get out if he wanted to. But now there is grass, short though it is, and he has stayed in the pasture for several days.

The goats, however, took an opportunity to escape so they could eat some lovely green grass.

Hubby had to mow the grass.

There is water on the horses' side of the pond again, and lots of hoofprints in the mud, proof that they are taking advantage of their watering hole and saving the walk UP the hill to the trough.

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Sunflowers are UP. The wild ones are blooming UP the road. They look so cheerful as their faces follow the sun through the day.

And that's what's UP. How about in your corner of the world?

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  1. Hey there! :)

    Glad to hear of so many things UP, there!
    My spirits are UP lately. I am very happy in my heart, by the Grace of Jesus.

    The hay is UP, and ready to harvest again.

    Yesterday I enjoyed relaxing by the lake and praying and worshipping the Lord in my heart, as the clouds UP above shed a cool temperature around me, and the birds UP in the lovely trees made such a lovely sound.

    And most of all, the Lord Jesus is UP forever and ever, and I can always look UP to Him.
    Praise the Lord JEsus.
    Love Carra


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