Farmstead Cheese

We are swimming in milk! I keep intending to use it up, to make cheese, yogurt, and custard, but the heat has just sapped my energy this summer.

Last week I came across a website with directions for Kathleen's Easy Farmstead Cheese so I thought I'd try it. The only thing needed besides the milk is lemon juice.

Kathleen's Easy Farmstead Cheese

1 gallon goat's milk
1/2 cup reconstituted lemon juice
Salt and herbs to taste
It really IS easy. Just pour the milk into a pot and heat to 190*. Stir occasionally till you get close, then stir continuously to keep the milk from burning. I use a candy/deep frying thermometer.

When the milk reaches 190*, turn off the heat and add the lemon juice. Stir for one minute. The directions didn't say to wait or not, but I set the timer for five minutes before taking the next step. It's hard to see in the photo, but the curds have separated from the whey; it happens almost instantaneously.

Ladle the curds into a cheesecloth-lined colander and drain. I put the colander over my big stockpot so I could save the whey.

Gather up the corners of the cheesecloth and put it in your mold. I had never used a mold before - this was a new skill for me, so I didn't have a fancy mold/press. I made my own by cutting the bottom out of an empty 3-pound coffee can, and setting it in a cake pan. Prop one side up on a jar lid so the whey will drain away from the cheese.

I then cut the lip off the plastic lid of the coffee can, and put it inside the can on top of the cheese curds, and set a water-filled quart canning jar on top to press the cheese.

I emptied the cake pan a few times, and eventually there was no more whey coming out of the mold. I put the cheese curds in a bowl and added some herbs - salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and Italian herbs. I added to taste, so you'll just have to do what I did: add and taste, add and taste.

The recipe made two pounds of cheese, which I put in two butter containers.

There was a half-gallon plus a quart of whey left after draining the curds. I put it in the refrigerator to make ricotta with later, and to use when I make bread.


  1. Hey Kathi! :) What a wonderful recipe.

    We have made cheese that way before... and it is delicious. We have also used apple cider vinegar instead of the lemon juice, and it is wonderful that way as well!

    Sigh... still no milk on this little farm. :( withdrawals... vaccines... kids...

    We're down so low... to buying cow's milk from the store.
    But! I praise the Lord for our herd, none the less! I'm just grateful that they got all these meds that the withdrawals are for! :)

    Thanks for sharing, I have beome a poor blogger. Time is so scarce....
    Thanks again! :) Carra

  2. Loved this article! Thanks for the visuals as well, I seem to "need" those these days... :)


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