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September 26, 2011

Free Cookbooks

Many months ago, a friend told me that Amazon has a free downloadable reader for the PC - no Kindle needed. I thought "ok, that's nice" but if I'm going to pay for a book, I want a real book. Then someone else told me about free ebooks. She said she goes through Amazon's list often, downloading any that look interesting to be read later. Some books are only free for a short time, while others are always free. (If you homeschool, note that a lot of classic books are available free for the Kindle reader app. The English Standard Version of the Bible is also free.)

I didn't even think about downloading cookbooks until a third person mentioned that she collects cookbooks on her Kindle.

And so began my search for freebies - cookbooks, fiction books, and more books. I have many saved up to read when I have time. Yes, I'm tied to my laptop to read them. I can't take it everywhere like I could with a Kindle or a real book, but I can set the laptop on the table and read a recipe from a cookbook while I'm preparing dinner. And the book was free.

The free reader app works on PC's, Macs, and smartphones - even some iPods.

You'll have to wade through lots of romance novels and so on, but the gems are there if you are willing to search. I check the Top 100 Free list about every week or so and usually find at least one book that is worth downloading.

Last week there were four free cookbooks available; this week only one of them is still free. It's definitely a case of "download it when you see it"! I should have written this post last week!

The current freebie is 25 Burger Recipes from Gooseberry Patch.

I still prefer real books, but this has its advantages:

- the books are free
- I can make the book font larger on the screen
- they don't require the addition of more bookshelves in our home
- did I mention the books are free?

Happy cooking!

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