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Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- The weatherman is hopeful: this might be our last week of 100-degree temperatures. I am hopeful that he's right! We've had a night of rain, and a few showers and sprinkles on other days, but you'd never know it by the dried-up grass and the hard, cracked ground.

-- It's been windy and wildfires are a real danger now. There have been several very large and very dangerous fires in our state that have claimed homes and barns and more.

-- Wednesday night, hubby turned over the old bathtub water trough and was surprised by a copperhead snake. While doctors have reported fewer snakebites than usual this summer (I think it's been too hot for humans to be out in the snakes' habitat), the snakes are now looking for water and coming into the humans' habitat. This snake is now a dead snake, but I'll have to be more careful than I have been.

-- Remember the deer trio I saw at our pond last week? Hubby saw a doe and large fawn the other night at the pond too.

-- And how about this wierd bone? I was trying to figure out what animal has a flat skull like that when I realized it's probably a turtle skeleton. Our farm dogs bring home some of the (ahem) most interesting items.


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  1. :) What a lovely post. :) I like that allusion to the interesting gifts your dogs bring home. ;)
    You have made me smile.

    Be blessed. Thanks for sharing.


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.