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Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- The copperhead snake under the water trough is now a dead copperhead. My hubby said that the moral of the story is "never return to the scene of the crime."

-- This is our county fair week, so I have been busy!!

-- I lost another chicken to the heat, this time a young cockerel. I usually lose a chicken during fair week; this one was a few days early but I hope it'll be the only one.

-- We picked up a load of hay; it's wonderful to see all those square bales stored in the barn!

-- The bucks are STINKY!! It's almost time to move them in with the does for breeding. I always wait till I get home from the fair, but one of my bucks is already off cavorting with the girls at a friend's farm.

-- Our TV weatherman gave us the summer statistics; we had:
The second-hottest June
The hottest July
The hottest August
The hottest summer
61 days of 100-degree or hotter (the most ever)
28 record-breaking daytime highs

Whew! I'm glad that's over!

1 comment

  1. What a week. Mercy... thank the Lord Jesus for all things. He is Good.

    Yours, Carra


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