Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- As I've mentioned before, our county fair was last week. I plopped my 3 does in the back seat of my truck and off we went. We were the only dairy goats in the Open show this year, so the results were predictable:
Treasure, 1st in Aged Doe, Grand Champion
Eve, 1st in Yearling Doe, Reserve Grand Champion
Lark, 1st in Doe Kid
-- I had to come home one afternoon from the fair to put our steer back in the pasture. He'd somehow gotten out on the road. Hubby got him back in the front yard and closed the yard gate, but he couldn't get Chuck back in the pasture. When I got home, the horses were at the pasture gate so I had to move them down the hill with hay, and then open the gate for Chuck. Then it was back on the road to the fairgrounds again.

-- One morning this week we woke to the scent of eau de skunk. The yard dogs had some kind of altercation with a skunk, and they reeked. It's slowly fading away, but not fast enough!

-- One night for dinner I made pizzas from the crusts that I'd made ahead and frozen. I took them out of the freezer in around noon, and let them thaw on the cookie sheets on the counter. I meant to take a photo when they first came out of the oven, but we attacked them before I remembered to get the camera. I did get a picture of the leftovers, and I reheated those and had them for lunch the following day. This was a very successful experiment, and I need to make more frozen crusts now that I know it works so well.

-- Yesterday I made a loaf of bread that flopped. It's been a long time since that's happened; I forgot to take the gloomy, cold, humid weather into account.

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  1. Dear Kathi,
    Thanks for sharing about your interesting week.

    Life is very full right now, isn't it?

    It's good to find joy in the simple things.
    Love Carra


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