Friday Follow-Up

This week:

- On Monday, our dear 16-year-old friend lost her horse to sand colic. Prayers for our friend and her family would be very much appreciated.

- We had some rain early in the week, and some really good rain yesterday. The pond is still dry - it's going to take a lot of rain to fill it up - but hopefully we'll get some growth in the grass.

- On Saturday, our steer "Chuck" was in the buck goats' yard. On Sunday he was in the back yard. On Monday he was in the back yard. On Tuesday he was in the front yard. On Wednesday and on Thursday he was again in the back yard. From what we've seen, cattle usually go under or through fences. Chuck climbs over them.

- We spent a day at the state fair with our son.

- I gave the goats their pre-breeding BoSe shots and trimmed hooves. We live in a selenium-difficient area and in the past I've had some kids born selenium-difficient, who have trouble standing when first born. This year I gave the affected newborns a BoSe shot and had excellent results. Hopefully giving the shot to the does will help the kids when they are born, and I plan to give a shot to any newborns that need it again.

1 comment

  1. Hey there. :)
    What a week you've truly had. It's been a week for me too... but such a wonderful blessing to.
    Isn't the Lord wonderful? Through every trouble He conquers. Oh I cannot cease to praise and thank Him.
    Love Carra


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