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Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Our oldest daughter was married last Saturday! We wish them both a happy life together.

-- "Chuck" has been at it again. He spent Monday in the front yard because I couldn't get him back in the pasture. Hubby had said a few days earlier that he wouldn't mind the steer being in the front yard occasionally when we're home to watch him, because there is some grass there. So I picked all the apples off the tree, fixed the fence, and gave up trying to move him back until hubby came home.

-- I nearly filled a five-gallon bucket with the little apples picked off that tree. (Chuck wanted to eat them right off the branches.)

-- I made some herbal salve for the horses. I'd been using a commercial product on their "ow-ies" but had finally scraped the last little bit out of the jar.

-- The weatherman says that we'll lose 90 minutes of daylight over the next six weeks. That's a lot of light! Even at 45 minutes in the morning and another 45 at night, it's a big change. Daylight Savings Time ends in 37 days, on Sunday, November 6th.

1 comment

  1. Hi there, :)
    Congratulations to the new couple! Praise the Lord for His Beauties, and may they have a long, and Christ-filled life together.

    Glad Chuck isn't causing too much trouble, though... while he's galavanting. :)

    Been a full day. Pray your day has been blessed.


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