Kitchen Link Round-Up

I'm still recovering from the county fair, and catching up on things put off during the summer-long heat wave. Posts will be quick and easy this week, and I thank you for your patience and understanding.

Today I have some links to share with you - I hope you enjoy them.

I've tried making mozzarella cheese before, but it was a disaster. However this post on 30-Minute Mozzarella has convinced me to try again as soon as I have time. Everything I read says "it's easy", but you couldn't prove that by me.

Here are directions for making cottage cheese from and Mary Jane Toth's book Goats Produce Too! I bought this book years ago and refer to it often, although I've never tried cottage cheese before.

Tortillas are another item it took me awhile to master, but I finally did. Here's a post on how to make a tortilla mix. I love it! My husband's current favorite snack is tortillas cut into wedges, fried, and dredged in sugar-cinnamon mix, so we go through a lot of them.

In fact, I love everything about Angela's blog Heart-Hands-Home. I spent a lot of time reading ALL the posts and recommend that you do the same thing!

I was searching for something else, and when I clicked on this blog I found this post about tiny pies in jars. Don't they look and sound delicious? I can't wait to make some of these. I love that she doesn't roll out the crust to go in the jars, she just sticks it in there. Love the tip on how to cut out the top crust too.

Cherry is my favorite kind of pie. I miss our neighbors' cherry tree in Michigan. After they'd picked all they wanted, they'd call us to come pick as much as we wanted too. Each year I'd put many, many quarts of pie cherries in the freezer.

Another tiny pie-in-a-jar link. Yummy! This sounds like a great way to use up some of the home-canned apple pie filling in my cupboard. With just the two of us now, we don't eat pies or cakes often because they are just too much to eat. This would be just the ticket. They are just the right size to send home with our son on occasion too. And how about making chicken pies in a jar?

Here is a collection of homemade health & beauty products.



  1. Hey there, :)

    We have made Mozerella with that recipe I believe. Keep trying. It does really work... it's the microwaving part that messed up for us, sometimes...
    But as you keep trying, and working with it, the recipe will work. :) At least it did for us!

    I love the idea of pies in a jar. I haven't ever gotten to try it yet. But I know it would be a wonderful gift idea!

    The Lord bless you.
    With love, Carra

  2. You're right, Carra, it's the microwaving part where I fall apart. It works up till then, and I am always so excited to see those curds and think this time it might work! Thank you for the encouragement; I'll keep trying. Some things just take longer to master. Be blessed!


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