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Trip to the Hardware Store

I recently had occasion to go to the local hardware store. It's a very old business in a very little town. The building looks like it used to be a grocery store at one time, but this establishment has obviously been there a very long time because there's a lot of dust.

As we walked in we passed a display of silver belt buckles and fancy pocketknives, then through an area with horse halters, new and used saddles, and sacks of horse feed and dog food.

I followed hubby up and down the aisles, past the plumbing supplies, the old bent-up boxes of various nuts and bolts, shovels and brooms, dog collars, new refrigerators, boxes of canning jars, and interesting houseware items. I don't think I'd ever buy a houseware item there though because of the dust.

But I just had to stop and take a picture of this so I could share it with you, because it is the definition of an old-fashioned hardware store. I don't even know what's in those little drawers in that cabinet, but it was so perfect. Please excuse the blurriness; the light in that back corner of the store was very poor, and my phone doesn't take superb photos, but I couldn't pass this by without a photo:

Now that's an old-fashioned, small-town hardware store, isn't it?

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  1. Dear friend,
    It's the small things of life that mean the most, sometimes. :) Thank you for sharing this.

    With love, Carra


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