Convenience Food: Cookies

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I've made a lot of cookies while raising four children. I've tried a variety of ways to make cookie-making "easier".

I've tried some of the popular "master mixes" in which you make a base recipe and add various things in order to get different types of cookies, but these basic cookie mixes just don't give us the same results and enjoyment as those made from our favorite recipes. So, I made my own cookie mixes.

At first, I put all the dry ingredients in a zippered bag, with a note about what to add plus the baking directions. Normally you'd mix the dry ingredients in one bowl and the sugar/butter/eggs in another and then combine, so my method of putting all the dry ingredients in one bag made them very difficult to mix. I needed super-muscles!

By the way, this is how you'd make those cookies in a jar also. Too hard for me to mix, but perhaps it is easier for other people.

Here is how I package my chocolate chip cookie base, using the Toll House Cookie recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag (and here):

I put the flour, salt and baking soda in one bag. These comprise the dry ingredients, and nothing needs to be added to this part of the recipe when I'm ready to make cookies. The white and brown sugars are measured into another bag and mixed together. I'll need to add the shortening, egg and vanilla to this portion of the recipe. It's a lot easier to cream this mixture and then add it to the dry ingredients.

The last ingredient is, of course, the chocolate chips. I've always used 6 oz of chips instead of the 12 oz the recipe calls for, which is half of the regular-sized package. I put them into another zipped bag.

That gives me 3 bags. Not as convenient as one, but it works best for me this way. They can be stored in a larger bag, in a tin, or a large jar. Don't forget to include written directions in the container.


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