Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I made another quart of apple juice for the freezer.

-- Although I meant to begin breeding the goats three weeks ago, it was just so overwhelming to move them all around, and so I procrastinated. On Monday my loaned-out buck came back home, so it was time to do it. I divided the herd, separated the doelings and told them they are now weaned, and moved the bucks in with the does.

-- Thorn, the last of this year's bucklings, went to a new home.

-- Chuck has been out of the pasture twice this week, once in the hayfield and the second time in the woods. Thank goodness he knows where his grain will be at feeding time, and comes to the gate for me to let him back in.

-- I've loved seeing the monarch butterflies this week; evidently a new "cycle" of them has "hatched". Their pristine wings are so pretty, and they glide on the breezes so gracefully. I like to think that some of them are descendents of our butterflies Pam and Penelope.


  1. Hey there. :)
    Glad you got your goats all arranged for the season. Our three does are all bred, and the two doelings are in a weaning stall (if we can keep them in). they will be weaned, by the Lord's Grace, and then bred when it's their turn.
    Glad all is going well. So thankful for autumn.
    Yours, Carra

  2. Autumn is my favorite season. :-) I hope your doelings will stay in their stall; I know how hard that can be. So far mine are still behind their fence.

    My back-home-again loaned-out buck stayed in the buck pen for about 30 minutes before going over the fence. ~sigh~ Now that he is in with his four girls he is more content to stay put.


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