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Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Today is our youngest's 20th birthday. Where does time go? It's so hard to believe that that little baby has grown into a beautiful woman. I'm very proud of her and all that she's accomplished (even though I do miss the little girl.)

-- We had rain for over 6 hours on Sunday night. There is water in the pond! The puddle isn't big enough that the horses can reach it to drink, but there is water.

-- Sometime after it rained on Sunday night, there was a cow in our hayfield along the fenceline - there are tracks to prove it. Was it Chuck? Was it a neighbor's wandering cow? I have no idea, but the tracks are undeniable. If it was Chuck, he knows how to get back in the pasture; if it was a wandering cow, it kept wandering and we didn't see it. Mystery...

-- I finished processing the apples. Total yield: 14.5 cups of apple juice for jelly-making or syrup, now frozen. I prefer to make jelly in the winter when the house is cool and the canner’s heat is welcome.

-- I saved the apple seeds - not all of them but all that were easy to save - and spread them along the edge of the woods. I don't know if they will grow or not, but it's worth a try. I've always been told that an apple tree won't produce unless it's grafted, but my feeling is that wild fruit trees aren't grafted and yet they produce. They might not be great apples, but any fruit is good, right?


  1. Hey there! :)
    What a lovely week... mine has been very busy. I'm amazed that it's Saturday once again.
    Yours, Carra

  2. It went by fast, didn't it?


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