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Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I have a working farm dog! Well, I will; right now he's a six-month-old English shepherd puppy. (Thank you, Cheryl!) You'll be hearing a lot about him in the future. I am hoping that soon I will wonder how I ever got along without him.

-- October is a big month for birthdays. The month always starts out with my mother's birthday (although she's been in heaven for many years now), our youngest daughter turned 20, our middle daughter's birthday is tomorrow (she wouldn't want me to tell you how old she is). Many other friends also celebrate birthdays this month: happy birthday to all of them! (You know who you are!)

-- All of the does are now bred, due in early to mid-March. It'll be a crazy week or two, as it always is.

-- On Monday our high temperature was 90°; Wednesday night we had an early freeze, and our outdoor thermometer said it was 31.5°. I covered the tomato plants with a tarp, and they survived the cold weather just fine. It warmed up, but is supposed to get cold again next week. Those tomatoes' time on the vine might be limited, but I'll pick them all and bring them inside to ripen {hopefully} before it gets too cold. I was hoping it would be warm long enough for some to ripen on the vine, but it doesn't look like it will be.


  1. Nice pictorial blog. The photographs in the blog were fantastic, are you a photographer by any chance. Any way it was awesome.
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  2. Sounds wonderful. :) Happy birthday to everybody. So happy you got your work dog.
    I know it feels good to have all the does bred... in spite of the hectic week(s) looming in March. We still have two to go, but they aren't old enough yet. (just about 7 months).
    The Lord Jesus bless.

  3. Carra, how old do you breed your doelings? I wait till they are long yearlings but I know many who do it earlier than I do.


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