Loose Again

Chuck.... loose again....

On this day he was waaaay out there in the hayfield. I took the ATV out there, and walked over to him to take these photos. He calmly went on eating; he knew it wasn't time for me to feed him. By dinnertime, he was back at the gate waiting for me to let him in.

On another day...

On yet another morning, I saw him standing outside the gate as I prepared to go down the hill to feed. By the time I got down the hill though, he was walking out of the woods INSIDE the pasture. I guess I wasn't moving fast enough to suit him!


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  1. Gracious! We had to escape incidents at the barnyard ourselves today. The goats again... mama's this time.
    The wire was off... they came through, we put them back in, forgot to turn on but one side of the fence. So out the other side they went, and around the barn, and up onto the back porch. :} Well... we worked on the fence this evening. :) Prayerfully it'll keep them in now. For a while anyway.
    Yours Carra

    PS. Chuck is a wonderful guy though... he's got such a shiny coat. Looks great.


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