Meet Pete

Pete is my early Christmas gift from hubby, and he joined our family last week. My friend Cheryl had a litter of English shepherd puppies, and I really wanted one, but I wasn't able to get one when the litter was ready to go. Through a series of circumstances, Pete was available when I was able, and I am so thrilled! He's six months old. I regretfully missed the housebreaking stage.

The photos below were taken on the first day I took Pete out to meet the goats and walk down the hill to the horse barn. They aren't great pictures; it's hard to get a bundle of energy to stand still long enough for a great portrait.

He's faster than the camera!

English shepherds are working dogs. I have a list of things I hope Pete will help me with, such as moving the goats from the barn to their pen and back daily. And I hope he can convince the cats that they can't "help" me milk the goats.



  1. That's wonderful, and praise the Lord for that! :) What a gift.

  2. How wonderful that you got an English Shepherd!! I have one, Sophie. She is a great farm dog, but isn't the exceptional working dog I have read about. The breed is just amazing!

  3. If Pete turns out to be even half the dog his father is, I'll be thrilled. His sire Zach is one of those exceptional working dogs.


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