Meet Pete

Pete is my early Christmas gift from hubby, and he joined our family last week. My friend Cheryl had a litter of English shepherd puppies, and I really wanted one, but I wasn't able to get one when the litter was ready to go. Through a series of circumstances, Pete was available when I was able, and I am so thrilled! He's six months old. I regretfully missed the housebreaking stage.

The photos below were taken on the first day I took Pete out to meet the goats and walk down the hill to the horse barn. They aren't great pictures; it's hard to get a bundle of energy to stand still long enough for a great portrait.

He's faster than the camera!

English shepherds are working dogs. I have a list of things I hope Pete will help me with, such as moving the goats from the barn to their pen and back daily. And I hope he can convince the cats that they can't "help" me milk the goats.