Are you looking for a project for your children (or yourself)? This could be a fun Christmas gift to make as well as to receive, and it's never too early to begin planning for the holidays. All you need to make this is a piece of cardboard, glue, and some magazines.

I made this magazine mosaic in my 4th grade art class. I'm amazed at how well it's held up over the years. I found it in a cupboard when my brother and I cleaned out Dad's house two years ago.

The base is a piece of heavy cardboard, not corrugated, not from a cereal box either. It's thicker and heavier than posterboard. Mat board would work well.

Our class used an overhead projector to copy photos onto the base cardboard. That was my pony, May Day, a POA (Pony of the Americas). Then we looked for magazine pages in the colors we needed, and cut them into half-inch squares - they aren't perfect squares since they were cut by a fourth-grader with scissors. {smile}

Once you have your base picture drawn on the piece of cardboard, and your squares of colored magazine ads all cut, use white glue spread thinly to adhere the mosaic pieces onto the base. Do a small area at a time so the glue won't dry out.

When finished, paint a coat or two of white glue on top.

You might want to make this the right size to go in an inexpensive frame. It will make a nice handmade gift. Have fun!

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