Changing the Clocks, and a Wild Weekend

I am still campaigning. We should go on daylight savings time and stay there.

Going back to standard time means more daylight in the morning, at least for awhile, and earlier sunset in the afternoon. Yesterday it was full dark just after 6:00 PM. I must go out earlier now to do the evening chores. Of course, the horses don’t change their clocks and don’t know the difference. They know what time is Feeding Time.

Pete the puppy also didn’t understand the concept of “an extra hour of sleep” Sunday morning after changing the clocks back. He pretended to be an alarm clock, and I had to get up at 5:30 AM. (The older dogs are content to sleep in, especially on chilly mornings.)

I’m sure you’ve heard about our earthquakes over the weekend. I grew up in southern California so I’m no stranger to them. The first was on Saturday morning, a 4.7 magnitude earthquake that struck at 2:12 AM. I didn't feel it, but Pete barked sharply, waking up both hubby and me. Since the pup was awake, I got up to let him outside, but he just stood outside the back door and waited to be let back in. We went back to bed. I remember my bedside clock saying it was around 2:15 AM. I heard about the quake in the morning and realized that Pete must have felt it.

The second one though – that one I felt! At 11:00 PM Saturday night, Oklahoma’s strongest earthquake ever hit, a 5.6 magnitude, near the epicenter of the first one. Our house shook, then rolled. Pete barked. I woke up. But I’m used to earthquakes and it didn’t scare me. I went back to sleep and didn’t even feel the aftershocks.

Sunday night the predicted rain began – lots and lots of rain! I hope that the weatherman is right; he predicted a possibility of two inches. That would sure be a pond-filler. It rained most of the night, with plenty of thunder and lightning too. More showers predicted today. I’m anxious to get outside this morning and see what the pond looks like.

Our pond in spring -
it was even low then.

I hope our weather patterns have changed back to normal and the drought pattern is over.


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  1. Well, thank the Lord for His Protection through the earthquake. :) That is so wonderful.


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