The Changing of the Seasons

The weather is definitely chillier...
We've had frost several nights...
The wind pattern has changed from summer to winter...
The trees are bare...
And it's dark much, much earlier.

I've had to change my "chore clock" with the lessening of daylight. There are lights in the goat barn but not the horse barn, which is also further away from the house, as you can see in the photo below. I prefer to wait until I can see my hand in front of my face in the morning before I go out to do horse chores!

And it gets dark so much earlier that the evening feeding has become the afternoon feeding.

The wind direction has changed from the summer-normal of west, to the winter-normal of north, and has been much stronger this week. After several days of high winds, a calm day strikes me with its silence.

The inside cats are in winter-mode again: they are once again sleeping on laps and snuggling in soft blankets. The barn cats huddle together in nests in the loose hay.

One of my favorite things about winter is fuzzy goats and horses. I love their summer sleekness and shine, but I also love thick fuzzy winter coats. I think their fuzziness is cute, and the setting sun behind a horse gives them the most amazing gold outline.

I love to make hot soups and stews and chili for dinner when it's cold outside. Winter foods are my favorite way to eat.

Bare branches against the sky, the skeletons of weeds, piles of wind-driven leaves in corners, a thin coat of ice on the water troughs in the morning - all these are heralds of the coming winter.

Just think, in three weeks the days will start getting longer again. And then it will be spring! {Optimism - it's a wonderful thing!}


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  1. Really just three weeks? :) Oh that's good. :) So good to be optimistic.

    Trusting the Lord to give all a mild winter.
    I really enjoyed all the photos of your animals and your ideas of the winter. It's lovely and poetic... I love that.

    May Jesus bless you and thank you for sharing.


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