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Fall Tomatoes

You might remember that before the first frost, I picked the green tomatoes from my four pitiful plants and brought them inside, hoping they would ripen.

I left the stems on, and put them in a single layer on top of my dryer. The laundry room is rather dark; it's a "hallway" between the kitchen and mudroom and doesn't have a window of its own.

I've read that you should wrap each one in newspaper and check them weekly to see if they are turning orange. Frankly, these were too small to bother with, and I didn't have any newspaper anyway. I just left them and hoped for the best.

And eventually one did change color, and another, and another, and this week there are lots of orange-red tomatoes! It worked!

All that's left are the small tiny ones, and I will give those to the chickens. They are cherry tomato-size and even smaller, and several have shriveled up, so I won't spend any more time or regret on them.

But tonight, we will have tomatoes with dinner.

How many tomatoes did I get this year, with the drought and the heat? After all that watering and nursing them along, there were about two dozen or more tomatoes that ripened. Hopefully next year will be better. (Gardeners are always optimists, aren't they?)


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.