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Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- This morning's low was only 29*, and signals the end of the growing season. I picked all the green tomatoes on Wednesday, hoping at least some will ripen on the kitchen counter. I set the bucket of tomatoes on a table temporarily, and soon Pete, the puppy, was playing with one on the living room floor. One of the cats had evidently picked up a tomato by the stem and played with it, swatted it to the floor, and Pete took over from there. The tomatoes are now [hopefully] ripening in the guest room, where cats and dogs are not allowed.

-- Also residing in the guest room is our parakeet, where he is safe from the cats who harrassed him when his cage was in the living room. I feed him daily and say hello, but I realized this week that I hadn't heard the bird chatter or chirp for a long time. Since hubby had recently replaced his old clock radio, I plugged it into an outlet in the guest room, tuned it to a music station, lowered the volume, and set the alarm to midday. It now plays music for an hour with some talk in between songs, and the bird is happy and making noise again.


  1. That's beautiful. :) Hope your tomatoes will be delicious. :)
    Pray Jesus will bless you today.

  2. The them of your blog is so cool !and your posts are so interesting ,thanks for sharing.


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