Friday Follow-Up

Thank you, Veterans,
for your service to our country.

This week:

- We came home Sunday evening to find Chuck in the front yard. Again.

- On Tuesday evening when we went outside to feed, Chuck was on the wrong side of the goat barn. He'd probably gone out to the hayfield through his usual "hole", then through the open hayfield gate to the woods next to the goat barn. He didn't show up at the gate when I got the horses in their stalls, so I had to walk out there, through the woods, and call him. He came as soon as he heard my voice, and followed me to the gate and into the pasture. My new nickname: The Cow Whisperer.

- Surprise! We found one red apple on a late-ripening tree. It was the only apple on that tree this year. The drought really took a toll on the fruit this year. What a fun surprise it was to find this red globe in the green leaves.

- We had over three inches of rain on Monday and Tuesday. What a blessing! The pond is about half full again.

- I've had Pete for a couple of weeks now. This week he began "helping" me with the goat chores in the mornings. He put the does in the corner stall of the barn for me - usually they trample me as I carry their grain into that stall and shut the gate behind them. He thought the two milkers - who were tied in the alleyway - should go in the stall too, so he's now learned that they stay out. There was some animosity from the two outside pyrenees after milking, when they were sure that Pete was going to get the goat milk that they love and want so much. I guess that will work itself out, since I'll be drying off the milkers in a few short weeks.

- The doe that was visiting to be bred went home this week. She belongs to a 4-H friend of ours.

- Hubby and I went to the AQHA World Show, as we do every November. We enjoy walking around the trade show.