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Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- My "soap studio" has been humming with activity, and now it smells so very good in there! Ummmmmm.

-- I'm making photo notecards for sale, just in time for Christmas. More on this next week!

-- I made chicken broth with the bones I've been collecting in the freezer over the past few months. I pressure-canned six pints of broth.

-- Coming home late one night, we hit a deer on a dark road. Fortunately we just whacked her in the head with the driver's side mirror. Unfortunately, the mirror cracked and broke, and the whole assembly broke off the car and was hanging by the wires. Amazingly there was no other damage. The deer took off, probably with a very bad headache. We were also thankful it was a doe; her head hit the driver's window and if it had been a buck with antlers the window might have broken.


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