Prayer Tree

Last year, after the roof was blown off the old shed I was using as a goat barn, we had some bulldozer work done on the property to clear a space for the new barn. While here, the bulldozer driver also did a few small projects, including clearing out some underbrush and leveling some washouts.

While out there, he picked up an old brown glass jug from a ravine and brought it to me. The jug sat on a shelf for a year, then I found a use for it. I stuck a branch in it, and hung tags with prayer requests from it. It now sits in my office/guest room.

Each tag is a favorite verse or a prayer request; my children's, grandchildren's, and friends' photos are also on tags. My inspiration was here in this post.

The inspiration tree is fake, with plenty of branches to hold their tags. It's lovely and I especially appreciate the concept. My branch is real and doesn't have the symmetrical shape and enough little twigs to hold tags, so I am still looking for the "right" branch. In the meantime, I have used short pieces of baling wire wrapped around the limbs to simulate twigs and to hold tags.

I am reminded to pray whenever I look at it.


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  1. What a wonderful, lovely idea. :) We have a paper prayer tree on our wall... we've had it for years and years. Lots of prayer hearts taped onto it... there are so many things to pray for. I have so many prayers in my heart, that couldn't be put there. And yet seeing it, does remind me of the beauties of prayer with my Jesus. Thank you for sharing.


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