Catching Up

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and tomorrow life - hopefully - should return to normal. I've been swamped with Christmas soap and other orders, a heavier load of work than normal from my very-part-time job, and carrying more of the workload here at home with hubby's new work schedule.

I've also been working with Pete a lot. He accompanies me on all the chores now. Not that it takes a lot of time, but doing chores with his help is rather like letting a toddler help with household chores: it takes longer, but will be worth it in the end. I enjoy his company very much too.

These are just cell phone photos, so the quality isn't very good.

He's great with the goats, and at this point there isn't a lot for him to do with them anymore. When they see him coming in the morning, they head for the corner stall in the barn, knowing that he'll put them there anyway. I close the gate, and "we" put out their feed, open the gate, and get them settled for the day. I love my dairy goats, but it's so nice to not be jumped on anymore.

Then we walk down to the horse barn. The horses and Chuck follow at a more respectful distance now that Pete is along, even though I'm carrying two heavy buckets of their grain. Pete explores along the way, and I usually have to call him back from the gate we pass. Something out there is calling his name, but he comes back when I call his name.

This morning the horses walked a bit faster, and I found myself kind of in the middle of them. Pete stuck with me, and I could tell he was a bit agitated that they were so close. They weren't really "close", to my way of thinking, but this was the first time that Pete saw me "in the middle" like this. All went well, but I am glad that he was paying attention. This is one of the situations where I want his assistance. After being run over this spring by one of the horses in a chain-reaction event, I was pretty banged up and took a long time to recover. I don't want it to happen again.

Once the horses are in their stalls and fed, we walk back up the hill to feed the bucks and the chickens, and to put out hay. Then another walk down the hill to let the horses loose. This morning we took a slight detour to the pond, and Pete took his first "swim". The look on his face when he landed in the water was priceless, but he quickly decided that water is fun, even if it's cold.

And finally we are finished, and walk back up the hill again, trailing behind the horses and Chuck. Back in the house, Pete takes a nap. He expended a lot of energy out there.


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