Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I've stopped milking for the winter. Kids are due in early March, so the girls will have a 3-month rest.

-- We had the opportunity to buy some hay from out of state.

-- Pete is fitting into the household nicely. He is very high-energy, which has taken some adjustment. Our other dogs are old, and are quieter breeds as well. Our ten-year-old mutt is acting like a puppy again with Pete's encouragement; it's fun to watch but they are noisier than I'm used to!


1 comment

  1. That's great. :)
    We only have one still milking... she'll be dried off soon though, Lord Willing. The other girls are also taking a three month break. One of the doelings is also expecting now. Praise the Lord!

    So happy about your dog. I know how that is. We got a live-wire lab. ;) and she perked up everybody else... me included!

    Yours, Carra


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