Hauling Hay

Look what I did!

I pulled the flatbed trailer and bought round bales of hay! For a girl who was afraid to drive a pickup truck when we first moved here, I've come a long way! (In fact, now I drive our truck as my primary vehicle. It's hard to park in some parking lots, but I love being able to see over the cars in traffic.)

This is orchard grass hay from Iowa. You are probably all pretty tired of hearing me talk about the drought we're having and how scarce hay is. And how expensive it is. This was competitively priced for this year's market, but it's over *two and a half times* more expensive than what we paid for hay last year.

The important thing is that we have more hay, and the horses and goats like it.

So does Chuck.

Until he saw me with the camera, and decided he'd come see if I had some food for him. He always seems to think I carry feed around with me. (I don't, in case you're wondering.)

There followed a period of him slobbering and trying to eat me up, of which I did not get a photo.

Then he went back to his hay.