In order to make room in the freezer before Chuck's appointment at the butcher, I'm currently working on the Juice Project: turning all the bags of fruit into juice, which will then be made into jelly or jam, which will then be stored in jars in my pantry, freeing up lots of space in the freezer.

I had bags and bags of apple peels and cores, and pear peels and cores. Over the course of two days I cooked those down, poured the juice into quart-size zipper bags and froze them, and then fed the cooked fruit waste to the chickens. I had some mighty happy chickens.

Yesterday I worked on the bags of blackberries. We had no harvest this year; these are from the summer before, so they needed to be used.

I had four quarts of frozen berries. I poured them into a large pot, added 6 cups of filtered water, and brought it to a boil.

Then I turned the burner down to a simmer, and cooked for about an hour. After straining out the fruit, I had one quart plus 3.5 cups of blackberry juice.

I'll use the juice, along with some purchased frozen strawberries and raspberries, to make Triple Berry Jam. By using the juice I'll eliminate those pesky blackberry seeds in the jam.



  1. I've never heard of cooking down the cores and peels of apples before to create a juice! Can you expand on that please???


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