Kitchen Tips

Do you ever pull the roll of aluminum foil right out of the box? Here's how to fix that:

On the ends of the box you'll find a little flap to push in. (Really! I'd never noticed it before, till I read this tip a few years ago.) So, push the tabs in. They'll hold the roll in the box while you pull on the foil!

According to Rachel Ray, keeping the box of plastic wrap in the freezer will make it much easier to pull some out and tear it off without it crumpling up and sticking to itself.

If you have to measure shortening, spray the measuring cup with Pam spray before putting the shortening in. It'll come right out.

If you're measuring oil instead of shortening, do the oil before measuring the honey or molasses or peanut butter in your recipe. Again, it'll slide right out and be SO much easier to wash afterwards. Even if the recipe doesn't call for the same amounts of oil and the other ingredient, you can use a 1/3 measuring cup twice to make 2/3, for instance. (You knew that already, I'm sure.)

I have two sets of measuring spoons, and use both a lot. When I'm making something that calls for both wet and dry ingredients measured in spoonfuls, I use one set for the oil or honey or whatever, and the other set for salt or sugar or yeast or herbs/spices.

What's your favorite kitchen tip? Please post it in the Comments.