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January 25, 2012

Charm Bracelets

In honor of my birthday...

One of my "family treasures" is my charm bracelet.

It was a gift from my one and only aunt when I graduated from high school. The first two charms were a four-leaf clover for good luck on my graduation...

...and a typewriter because she was a secretary (in today's terms she was a high-powered administrative assistant) and I was working part-time as a typist in a legal office. (Yes, I learned to type on a typewriter, not a keyboard. A manual typewriter, ie non-electric.)

Some of the other charms are baby photos of my children, places we've lived and traveled, and my district orchestra medal from 6th grade. I didn't mind that I had both silver and gold charms.

I was really horse-crazy as a child; this is from a birthday-gift necklace when I was around nine years old. There is an even tinier silver horse on the other end of the bracelet.

My aunt also gave me her charm bracelet, which was sterling silver with silver charms. She particularly liked the little silver treasure chest that opened. She said she used to put notes from her school friends inside of it, folded into very tiny shapes. Sadly, this bracelet was stolen from my jewelry box on one of our many military moves. My aunt and I were both heartbroken.

I began keeping charm bracelets for my daughters when they were young. They included a baby photo charm and some travel charms.

For some reason I still have my middle daughter's bracelet. The oldest and youngest have theirs.

When my brother and I cleaned out Dad's house after he died, I found this bracelet that was my mother's. It has a tiny B, her initial. I don't remember seeing the bracelet before and I don't know what significance the charms represent; I wish I did. Obviously, from the kind of chain she used, she made it during the 60's or 70's. (That happy face is iconic 70's!)

I haven't added to my charm bracelet in well over a decade. Somewhere I have charms with my granddaughters' baby photos. I'm sure I could find some for other places we've lived and traveled.

To start with, this morning I added a little dog bone charm to represent my English Shepherd, Pete.

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  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    That's very sweet, Kathi, and such a pretty way to keep special memories and turn them into family heirlooms.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Praying for you;

  2. Memories are so precious and so dear. I love ways to cherish the beauties of the blessings our Savior has bestowed on us, so often.

    Thank you for sharing this, and may the Lord richly strengthen and bless you this evening. In Himself, and His Will and Way.

    In Him, Carra

  3. Hi--I'm visiting via A Delightsome Life's link party :) Such a nice stroll down memory lane--your charm bracelet is lovely. I started one for my daughter when she was six. I think I need to start paying a bit more attention to it; thanks for the reminder. Blessings, Diana

  4. Thank you for visiting, Diana.


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