Equine Dentistry

This weekend the equine dentist came over.

My horse has been dropping a lot of feed when he eats. I've also wondered if he had a sore tooth, but it turns out he just had very pointy and sharp teeth that needed to be filed down, or "floated".

He was sedated, then they set to work, filing his teeth down, squirting water into his mouth, filing a bit more, checking each time to see if it was enough or if he needed a little more work.

Finally they were done. We left the horse in the corral, where the others wouldn't bother him, until he was completely awake. Then I let him out to rejoin the others and eat his evening hay.

I'm sure glad that modern human dentistry is far ahead of equine dentistry.



  1. Ahhhh yes, floating teeth. We had the same thing with our stud and one of the geldings. Funny what a big difference it makes with them. They were doing the samething, dropping feed and slinging their heads.

  2. Oh indeed, I'm so thankful modern dentistry is advanced well beyond that! :)

    Thank you for sharing. I always love seeing things like this, and I have to say I'm thankful our animals have never needed filing yet. Our matriarch doe once had trouble like this. Dropping feed and slinging head. But we never found anything wrong with her, and thank the Lord she went back to eating after a short time. So I suppose she had a cut of some sort. :)

    Again my prayers are with you and thanks for sharing.
    In our Jesus,

  3. Anonymous7:42 PM

    We've never really had horses...just one for less that a year...I've always loved them though. :)

    Would love to see more posts about your horses! Thanks for sharing!

    Praying for you;


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