Friday Follow-Up

This week - oh, what a week!

-- Hubby's doctor said he did suffer a mild heart attack when he went to the ER a week ago. It's a warning sign we will take seriously.

-- The fire. I still can't think about losing my does. I hope you all understand that I can't talk about it yet.

-- Tuesday the rubble was still smoking. Even though it rained most of the day we still noticed smoke, so we bought a sprinkler (the hardware store was just putting them on the shelves when we walked down the aisle) and another hose to replace what we'd lost. When we notice smoke, we run the sprinkler for awhile.

-- Chuck went to the butcher as scheduled. Now we have one less mouth to feed, which is a good thing after losing nearly all our hay in the fire.

-- Thank the Lord, my truck is working well after the "fix". The mechanic had told me that it might not, it might need a new transmission. I am so very thankful that it is running well. Hubby has ordered a new headlight lens to replace the one that melted from the fire's heat.

-- Thursday the goats were laid to rest. Hubby dug the hole Wednesday night with the tractor, although I continued to dig for several hours on Thursday. It was therapeutic; I needed to. Cheryl, her husband and her son came over, and while Cheryl and I went off out of sight, her menfolk found them all and buried them. I know this is the first step in my being able to deal with this.

-- I have been so very blessed and humbled by your comments and your prayers. Thank you. You honestly don't know how much you are helping me to heal from this.

-- We were left with one round bale. It was singed and wet on the outside, but inside it's good enough to feed the horses and bucks. We also had some loose hay in a shed that we'd cut by hand in our hayfield. Along with the rest of Oklahoma, I'm praying for an early, wet spring.


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