Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I've posted photos of the day-after-the-fire on a static page, rather than a regular blog post. This way, if you want to look at them you can, but if you'd rather not, they're not in the regular blog feed.

-- As I wrote on Monday, several friends came to help us move the metal and other wreckage from the fire on Saturday. I am so thankful for their help. It is easier to deal with now that it is "organized" into piles, even though those piles are still in sight when I walk out the front door. As soon as the insurance adjustor comes, we will be able to get rid of the evidence of the fire.

-- It still smells like smoke.

-- I moved the bucks to a small pen that had been behind the barn, because we were expecting cold weather and the shed in that area is much more weather-tight. I used to use it for moms with young kids. It has taken me aback more than once to come out the door and hear the bucks make noise, knowing that the girls are gone. I am slowly getting used to that.

-- Pete has shifted his attention to the horses, trying to make them go into their stalls FAST when it's feeding time. He could move the herd of goats as a group, but the horses just don't work that way. He's trying though.

-- I've come down with a cold and am feeling rather miserable. I don't get sick very often.