Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I've posted photos of the day-after-the-fire on a static page, rather than a regular blog post. This way, if you want to look at them you can, but if you'd rather not, they're not in the regular blog feed.

-- As I wrote on Monday, several friends came to help us move the metal and other wreckage from the fire on Saturday. I am so thankful for their help. It is easier to deal with now that it is "organized" into piles, even though those piles are still in sight when I walk out the front door. As soon as the insurance adjustor comes, we will be able to get rid of the evidence of the fire.

-- It still smells like smoke.

-- I moved the bucks to a small pen that had been behind the barn, because we were expecting cold weather and the shed in that area is much more weather-tight. I used to use it for moms with young kids. It has taken me aback more than once to come out the door and hear the bucks make noise, knowing that the girls are gone. I am slowly getting used to that.

-- Pete has shifted his attention to the horses, trying to make them go into their stalls FAST when it's feeding time. He could move the herd of goats as a group, but the horses just don't work that way. He's trying though.

-- I've come down with a cold and am feeling rather miserable. I don't get sick very often.



  1. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Dear Kathi;

    Still praying for you. Just keep trusting the Lord and keep busy!

    The Lord's Will will be beautiful and its all for your very best - He wants the best for each of His children.
    His plan is beautiful.

    Sorry to hear about your cold; we've been rather down around here as well.

    With many prayers;

  2. Dear Kathi,
    Oh I'm still so sorry for all of this. I took a look at the photos, and I'm so sorry that it all happened. It makes the horror of it even more real.

    Oh I'm so sorry, and I am praying very much for you. And now too that the Lord will heal your cold. What an awful time to get sick, but maybe the Lord wants you quiet for a while... and just resting in Him. I pray you won't be too miserable for long. We've been sick the last week, but it felt more like incubation than actual colds... only slight symptoms but too unwell to do anything, and terrible dizziness etc. Now April has started really feeling worse, but praise the Lord, at least for today, I've been able to clean and work a great deal more than in the last number of days.

    I pray the Lord will bless you. That His Comfort and Love will wrap all around you with a warmth that completely heals your heart, and fills you with His Joy and Happiness.

    In His Love,


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