A Slice of My Life

No photos today, but here is a "slice of my life".

The first part of my day was spent in the dentist's chair.

The second part at the repair shop. I think I was blessed to get there from the dentist's office. I prayed the whole way and hit every stoplight green (all 3 of them). My truck has a serious problem and for awhile I will be wheel-less. Chuck might get a reprieve from the butcher on Monday.

And the last part of my day was spent at the ER with hubby. Six hours later they let us go. We grabbed fast food on the way home, very heart-healthy, don't you know.

In the dark, I put out a bale of hay for the horses and called them up the hill with a big flashlight. I've learned that by shining it down the hill in front of the barn door they'll come out to investigate, and amble up the hill. It looked like Chuck was out in the hayfield by the gate. I wasn't going down the hill in the dark though; he'll find his way back in on his own.

The goat barn has electricity so it was easier to feed them.

The stars were bright in the black velvet sky, and so pretty. A plane flew overhead, with the moon dimly lighting up the contrail.

I pray that tomorrow will be better.


1 comment

  1. I'm sorry to hear of the hard day you had.

    Pray your husbands ok now, and all is well with everyone.

    Have a blessed day.


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