The First

Recently hubby and I visited a sweet family and their goats. We had a great deal in common with the husband and wife, and we visited for a long time before going outside to see the goats. We really enjoyed the fellowship.

And yes, I came home with a goat, a 2-week-old Nubian doeling. (It's extremely hard to get good photos of a young goat that loves to run and twist and jump, when you have no helper to hold the goat or the camera! Please excuse the poor quality of these photos. And, although it looks that way in some of these, she isn't knock-kneed, it's just her young age, the angle of the photo, and her markings.)

The seller told me that they have traditionally named the females of that particular doe line with names that begin with "F". I'd already picked out a name for my first replacement doe, and I felt bad about not continuing the tradition.

Until she mentioned one named Philosophy, and I realized that it does after all: I named her Phoenix.

For now, she is living in our mudroom, with some time in the house as well when I can pay attention to her without distractions. She usually takes an afternoon nap in my lap. I'm afraid she's either going to think she's a human, a dog, or a cat.

And of course she's going to get too big very soon. She has a small pen in the backyard so she can run and jump out there on nice days, and when I have time, she and the dogs have the run of the yard while I keep an eye on them. When it warms up, and she gets a companion, she'll go live outside like a real goat. In the meantime, she's enjoying the attention, and so am I.

Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me to continue, to get more goats, to keep on.

I still miss my girls very much, but I am now ready to start again.