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Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Last weekend hubby and I spent a short time exploring the Underground while in the City for another reason. We walked into an art deco building and followed the interior hallway past a tobacco shop, a newsstand, a tailor shop, and then underground, past little lunch cafes and two "museum galleries". We also went inside the historic Skirvin Hilton just to take a look at the lobby. It was a fun way to kill a little time, and we hope to explore it further some day in the future.

-- We refenced one side of the front yard. The barn had formed part of the fence, so after the fire we had a 40 foot empty space that the yard dogs were taking advantage of. We also worried about the horses getting into the front yard (it's happened) and then getting loose on the road. Both problems are now solved. And this time we put a gate in that fence - I've wished many times for a gate on that side of the yard.

-- Our youngest granddaughter and my brother both celebrated their birthdays this week.

-- I spent a morning refilling my bread mixes, and cake and brownie mixes.

-- As we went to town yesterday, a herd of young black heifers walked up the road towards us, following our neighbor in his golf cart. He said they'd found a hole in the fence and had all gotten out on the road. We offered to help but he said they would follow him, eventually, sort of. We discussed the difference between meat and dairy animals' personalities; he raises Holsteins and recently bought these beef heifers in an attempt to diversify; he said his Holsteins would have been on top of him in this situation. It didn't look like he was having much success, and as we drove slowly past, his wife drove past us rapidly and spooked them into the field next to the road. He waved us on, so we continued on our way and hoped he'd get them back home where they belonged.

-- The winged elm trees behind the house are beginning to bud. I've seen green leaves on underbrush at the side of the road, but haven't been able to identify what kind of bushes they are. We have green grass growing in the yard and the pasture and the hayfield already. And yet we are expecting 1-3" of snow this weekend...



  1. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Sounds like you've had a very interesting week, Kathi!

    Things are getting very springy here too. :) The field is green, the trees are budding....isn't it beautiful to see the Lord Jesus' work everywhere?

    May He bless you!


  2. Spring is such a blessing, April! The Lord's handiwork is all around us.

  3. I agree God created all things and by him all things were created. I stand in awe of him. Love you cute goats. back in the Caribbean where we are from my husband usedd to raise goats. And we plan to do that again when God's willing we return home. Thanks for sharing your cool photos
    God Bless You


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.