Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- The weather has been wonderfully warm, and I've spent a lot of time outside enjoying it. I built a little pen for Phoenix in the backyard. I've followed the horses around the hayfield with my camera. In general, I've been enjoying the Lord's gift of pretty days.

-- Hubby and I are ready to begin tearing down the old goat shed. Part of the preparation was to replace a few tools that were lost in the fire.

-- I'm watching spring spread across the land. My narcissis bulbs have sprouted, the plum trees are nearly ready to burst into bloom, the brilliant green of short new grass is carpeting the earth. The "kitty kitty" and the "mercurichrome" birds are back - I don't know what kind of birds they really are, but that's what their calls sound like to me. I think that the "kitty kitty" birds might be phoebe birds, but I haven't seen them to know for sure.

-- Yesterday in town I noticed that some of the flowering bushes are in bloom.

-- My "major project" on Monday was a total clean-out of my closet. That might not be a MAJOR task for some, but it was for me. By the end of the day, I'd thrown my back out and had to take it easy for 2 days until it stopped hurting.


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