A Blessing

I am so thankful to our daughter and son-in-law for helping us get the hayfield fenced. What a blessing their help has been - and we loved their company - and we are humbled that they took the time out of their very busy lives to come and do whatever we needed done after the fire.

The horses are loving the hayfield. I open the gate for them in the morning, and they all head out. Often they will gallop through the field to "a good spot", and lower their heads to graze.

I go out in the evening to feed them their grain and close the gate behind them. Sometimes it's hard to convince them to come in from the field. I bang on the bucket again and again, and eventually one will amble over to the barn.

Tonight they saw me coming with the buckets, and galloped in from the far corner.

The grass is holding up just fine. There is still plenty out there, both the long grass from last year, and the new green leaves that are plentiful. It's working!


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