Splish Splash

The first day that I let the horses out in the hayfield, they hadn't yet discovered that they can come in through the "sheep gate" and drink from the water trough right there. In fact, they were quite thirsty when I brought them in from the field with the promise of their dinner, and as soon as they finished eating they headed to the farm pond for a good long drink.

You've heard before that Splash and Ella love water. In fact that's how Splash got his name, long before he came to live at Oak Hill.

I heard splashing in the pond, and headed over quickly to snap a photo or two, I hoped. Both were pawing the water with joy. Splash soon laid down in the water for a moment. He left the pond shortly afterwards, but Ella stayed to play awhile.

And as soon as she was through, she headed out to a soft spot and rolled in the dust.