Thankful Thursday

- I'm thankful that God loves us, each and every one of us: yes you, and me!

- I stood outside this morning in the cool fresh air just before the sun broke over the horizon, and listened to the quiet, and then the little noises that broke the quiet: 3 different bird songs, an oil well in the distance, a cat's meow. I'm thankful for the sense of hearing.

- One of the white dogs stood next to me, and I plunged my fingers into his long thick coat. I'm thankful for him, and for the sense of touch.

- I love being outside at night and looking up at the endless stars in the sky. I've seen starry skies before but Oklahoma's are incredible and indescribe-able: deep, sharp, brilliant. I'm thankful for the sense of sight.

- I'm thankful for the sense of taste, and for good, healthy food.

- And although I haven't smelled one in awhile, I love the scent of roses. I'm thankful for the sense of smell, and for the "hot cocoa" rosebush that a friend gave me several years ago - the only rosebush I've ever grown - and for the beautiful scent of roses in summer.


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