Back on My Feet

With the coming of spring is allergy season. I came down with a spring cold a few weeks ago, but it hung on and on, not getting better. I think I've had a cold the past two springs... and the weatherman says the pollen levels are record-breaking this year due to last year's drought and this year's sudden warmth and rain.

Over the weekend I got worse, and this morning found me at the doctor's office. I have bronchitis. I've been in such a fog the past few days, and about as miserable as I have ever been.

But after a steroid shot and some other meds, I am getting better, and hope to be able to get on with my daily routines tomorrow. Today was a struggle, after feeding the horses I truly wondered if I'd make it back up the hill to the house.

A friend told me that she and her husband take bee pollen capsules to prevent allergy symptoms. The drawback is that you can't drink milk and take bee pollen, they cancel each other out.

Praying that I'll be feeling better tomorrow...


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  1. Oh, so very sorry Kathi, to hear that you aren't well.

    I'll be praying for you and for a quick recovery, in the Lord's Will.

    Illness is such a blessed time to draw near to our Jesus, and to learn to lean on Him more and more. Because that's when we're unable... to do things on our own.

    May His Name be praised, and may you be well soon!


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