Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Phoenix is learning to be a goat. She's much too big and too busy to be in the house other than to drink her bottle. She's spending days in her little outdoor pen, and her nights in the mudroom. Her sweaters keep her warm on chilly windy days.

-- The hens are laying again. One is laying daily, and I think two others are laying occasionally. You can often tell by the appearance of the eggs in size, color and shape, whether they are from the same hen or different ones.

-- The plum tree is blooming, and there are swelling buds on the peach and apple trees. The wild peach tree down the road is sprinkled with pretty pink flowers. In town, the daffodils are blooming and flowering bushes are sporting pinky-orange blossoms. I love this time of year.

-- I even saw the first dandelion!

-- Hubby moved some of the farm equipment to a better location, and we cleaned up the barnyard in general. He removed the windows from the old goat shed so they can be reused.


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