Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We've had several wildfires nearby that have worried me. They die down overnight but in the daylight when the wind kicks up they begin spreading again. We smelled smoke for several days and I'm regularly outside checking the direction of the high winds and praying. Mostly the fires are allowed to burn unless they threaten residences, but the one to our north had firefighters and trucks working on it Monday.

-- Then we had rain, with more to come!

-- Pete chews his nails. I think that's so funny, and a quirky part of his personality. He's high energy, and this is just one way it manifests itself.

-- Spring is time to inventory the box where I store easy-to-fix foods for use in case our power goes out. It happens here for a variety of reasons: ice storms, snow, tornadoes are just a few possibilities. I store food for three days that requires no refrigeration and a minimum of cooking, mostly canned foods such as soup, beef stew, fruits and veggies, along with snacks and instant coffee for hubby. Foods near their expiration dates are replaced, and items we might have used are replenished. (See Lessons from the Ice Storm.)

-- Hubby and I planted two new pear trees on the former site of the goat barn.

-- I've had a few hard moments lately. My does would have started kidding this week. Having Phoenix has helped a great deal, but it still hurts.


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  1. Dearest Kathi,
    I enjoyed reading about your week. And it makes my heart ache with you, at the memory of your darlings. I can only imagine the pain, truly, I know it must be so much beyond words, or understanding.
    I am praying that the Lord will graciously bless you, Kathi, and that He will show you His lessons, and teach you even to draw ever closer. What a Loving Lord we serve. To know He cares for all of us.

    For He is faithful.
    In His Love, Carra


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